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Meeting of the Secretariat on 08/09/2015

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On 8 September 2015, in Brussels, took place the first debate on Commission’s Draft-Decision “A new Commission Decision for Contract Staff” Ares(2015)2951784.

The staff participated in significant numbers, taking active part in the debate.

The objective of the event was to present the trade unions’ analysis and amendments on the document circulated in Inter-Service Consultation in July 2015
and to consult the staff’s views, to support the coming negotiation with the Commission’s Administration.

Amongst major issues discussed:


·         Promoting clarity, transparency and readability of the Administration’s documents launched in consultation

·         The inconsistency of the Draft-Decision as compared to Commissioner Georgieva’s recent note on Talent Management
*e.g. how is a CA FG IV (PhD) encouraged and managed as a talent, since there is no reclassification possibility foreseen for this group?

·         The lack of equity between the conditions foreseen for CA 3bis and the conditions for CA 3ter
*CA 3ter not mentioned near enough in the draft document

·         The need for “reasonable predictability” when it comes to career planning for CAs
*the revision of first contract duration (this also encourages Talent!)

·         The need to prevent further “precarisation” of the CAs, by appropriately amending the Art 2 (2) of the draft decision
*the reserve lists for permanent officials should actually be alive and function according to institution’s needs, not play a delaying role in one’s career,
giving place for lower paid, temporary job offers as contract agents

·         The need to timely exploit the current reserve lists : why are there new competitions while old reserve lists are not yet exhausted?

·         Internal competitions vs. external competitions: why not use EPSO’s CBT results (passing scores) in internal competitions?
*EPSO should start to be seen, more and more, as a modern tool with wider application. EPSO is a resource for internal competitions
(CBT first 10% go to Assessment Center – then why not use the next 40% best results for the internal staff, which have already professional
experience within the EU?
How comes that One Day Assessment Center beats 6 or 12 or 18 years of EU experience?)

·         Inter-institutional mobility as a resource for career planning and Talent Management

·         Academic record as a resource for mobility and Talent Management (Masters’ degree? PhD? Post-doc?)

·         Annual performance evaluation - as a resource


The event was organised by the inter-syndical organisation Collectif des Contractuels, at the initiative of U4U.

Active in the discussions, representatives of several trade unions expressed their solidarity with U4U and reconfirmed their common line when it comes to the Contract Agents File, which will be heavily negotiated with the Administration, in the next period.

A second debate on the topic will be organised on 23 September. Similar debates are foreseen monthly.

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