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Collectif des Contractuels

Past and incoming meetings of the secretariat


Chers collègues,

Nous vous proposons de nous revoir vendredi 14 octobre, à 12h45, rue de la Loi 80, grande salle de réunion pour:


Faire le point sur la concertation politique du mois de novembre prochain au sujet des dispositions générales d'exécution pour les AC;


Tirer le bilan de notre mobilisation depuis 2010;


Réfléchir sur les améliorations à apporter encore le moment venu dans le futur;



En comptant sur votre présence,

Pour le Collectif,


General implementing Procedures (GIP) for Contract Agents

Close to final adoption

The negotiations are reaching their end.

The Intersyndicale has sent a letter to DG HR about the political meeting on 21 October.

New internal competitions

Notices for three internal competitions have been published in the Administrative Notices. For the first time ever, they are open to Commission Contract Agents in Function Groups II, III and IV, as well as to Officials and Temporary Agents.

Read a message to staff from DG HR on the new competitions.


The European Commission is organising three internal competitions based on tests in the secretary/clerk, assistant and administrator function groups to constitute a reserve from which to recruit officials. Registration takes place electronically using the links below. The closing date for applications is 9 March 2016 12.00 (midday) Brussels time.

in the following field:
Secretarial and administrative support Apply here

in the following field:
Administrative and technical Assistance Apply here

in the following field:
European Public Administration Apply here

New Internal Competitions : overview by DG HR

Three internal competitions have been published on 9.2.2016 in the Administrative Notices. These internal competitions are open not only to Officials and Temporary Agents but, for the first time ever, to Contract Agents in Function Group II, III and IV working in the Commission.

In application of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants (CEOS), these competitions are not open to Contract Agents in FG I or to Contract Agents from other Institutions or Agencies.

Here below are the key aspects of these competitions, with a particular focus on Contract Agents:


According to the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants (CEOS), Internal Competitions can be opened to Contract Agents only at certain grades. It has been decided to organise competitions at the highest grades possible for this category of staff: AST/SC2, AST2, and AD6.
In accordance with the rules set out in the CEOS, Contract Agents will only have the possibility to apply to the grade corresponding to their function group at the closing date of the application: Contract Agents in FG II will be able to register for the AST/SC2 competition, FG III for the AST2 competition, and FG IV for the AD6 competition.


As regards the eligibility conditions, Article 82(7) of the CEOS requires for Contract Agents a minimum of 3 years of service within the Institution. However, this is a minimum condition. In order to strengthen the link between merit and increased career opportunities, each competition notice will require, at the closing date, a minimum of 3.5 years of service in the Commission, of which at least one has been spent in active service in the year prior to the closing date of the competition. Moreover, candidates must have spent at least the last 6 months in the FG of the competition, or higher.


With regard to the competition procedure, candidates for all three competitions will undertake an initial computer-based pre-selection test, including professional tests. Following this stage, three times the number of expected laureates per function group will be invited to an interview with the Board. Candidates in remote locations (for example, Delegations and Representations), may be interviewed by videoconference.


The total number of laureates has been set at 85 (35 AST/SC2, 20 AST2, and 30 AD6). The reserve list will be kept open for at least 2 years to take into account the ceiling on laureates set out in the Staff Regulations for Contract Agents (maximum of 5% of the total recruitments per year).


In order to be appointed as Officials, successful Contract Agents and Temporary Agents must apply to vacant positions open to laureates of competitions. Since this is an internal competition, these positions must be within the Commission only. Successful Officials will be automatically reclassified on their posts.


With regard to timing, the competition should allow the recruitment of the first laureates still in 2016.

Finally, it should be noted that important work is also on-going on the new General Implementing Provisions (GIP) for Contract Agents, with the aim of improving their selection, career opportunities, and mobility. As part of DG HR's new and comprehensive approach to talent management, both the internal competitions and the new GIPs represent a key milestone for Contract Agents.



La Commissaire des Ressources humaines Mme Georgieva souhaite « une meilleure intégration des agents contractuels et temporaires dans les services en développant notamment les perspectives de carrière et la mobilité interne pour ces agents ».

 Elle rappelle que « le personnel de la Commission compte 6 401 agents contractuels et 1 152 agents temporaires ». Elle note la tendance à la hausse du personnel temporaire et contractuel.

Des négociations à ce sujet sont actuellement en cours. Si vous voulez que les objectifs fixés par Mme Georgieva soient vraiment atteints:


Soyons solidaires entre nous. Combattons ensemble la maladie de l'indifférence envers les autres.


Human Resources Commissioner, Mrs. Georgieva wants « better integration of contract and temporary agents in the units by developing career development and internal mobility for these agents. »

She recalls that « the Commission's staff accounts for 6 401 contract agents and 1 152 temporary agents. » She additionally notes the rising trend of contract and temporary agents.

Negotiations on this issue are currently ongoing. If you really want the goals set by Mrs. Georgieva to be achieved:


Let's show solidarity for one another and fight the social sickness of indifference, together.

Please sign the petition using this link

Signez l’appel en utilisant ce lien

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